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Gauge Service

Deal With North America’s Premier Fine Tool Repair Company

  1. After receiving your tools, our technician will operate each instrument and progressively disassemble the tool to determine the problem. We check all functions, including buttons, locks, movements, shafts, bushings, jewels, wires, gears, springs, crystals and bezels
  2. After a no-fee examination*, the tool is fully disassembled and cleaned. New components are then installed and the tool is reassembled and tested.
  3. We will always issue a quotation prior to repair.
  4. We will always contact you when a tool is not worth fixing.
  5. We will always notify you when any repair requires more than a standard rebuild.
  6. We can provide solutions for proper care and Preventative Maintenance Programs.
*Equipment with a value under $1000 is inspected free of charge

Easy Shipping of your Gauges and Measuring Tools!

Please click on the following links to Customs Papers for:

Fed Ex Customs Papers
for shipments with declared value of under $1400.00 CAD

Contact us if you wish to ship instruments using FedEx with a declared value of over $1400.00 CAD.

General Information

  • Send all applicable zero and setting standards (setting rings, length standards, roughness specimens, etc.)
  • Pack your gauge(s) securely. Enclose a letter with a brief description of the problem. (Insure your instrument(s) for full value.)
  • Include your name, company name, address, daytime phone and fax numbers and email address.
  • Ship via UPS, Purolator, DHL or Fed Ex. Do not use standard parcel post.
  • Private couriers by appointment only.

Send all repairs to:

Attn: Repairs Department
Precision Tool Works

69 Hill Crest
Ancaster, Ontario
L9G 3A2

Attention: US Customers shipping to Precision Tool Works

Please read and implement the following carefully.

Shipping Internationally (USA) to Precision Tool Works Canada

UPS Information

DO NOT DEFAULT TO PREPAID, this will not be acceptable.
Please remember shipper pays all charges, duty, VAT, brokerage, tax etc. Some or all of these fees may be written off or reclaimed at tax time.
A handwritten waybill or computer-generated label as well as a Commercial Invoice (customs paperwork) is required for cross-border shipments. Please use our prepared Commercial Invoices below.

To avoid delays at the border, refer to the information below to complete the shipping charges portion of UPS software and how to complete shipping charges portion of the UPS waybill.

Please contact us at 905-304-4730 if you have any issues completing paperwork for cross-border shipments.


Credit applications must be faxed prior to service.

Setting up a new account is subject to approval.
You can request a credit application by email () or by phone (905-304-4730).

We do not accept COD shipments or cover any incoming freight or duty charges on returned merchandise.

We will fax or email you an estimate and no work will be performed until we receive your written approval.

If applicable, send a PST exemption prior to service.

If repair is declined, return freight is customer’s responsibility.