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Gauge Repair & Rebuilding

We specialize in the repair of all quality brands of precision measuring gauges, both electronic and mechanical. We offer non brand specific repairs, quick turn around, professional service and competitive pricing for all of your gauge service needs.

Precision Tool Works provides highest quality repairs for all major brands. All work is done by our highly experienced staff in modern, fully equipped facility. Our local office can assess your damaged indicators, micrometers, digital test equipment, etc. and after a no fee examination, submit a quote for repair. If the gauge is irreparable or the cost of the repair is in excess of half of the replacement cost, we can quote you on a new gauge for your convenience.


We offer expert repair service on many types of Mechanical Precision Measuring Instruments including:

  • Co-Ax indicator (Blake)
  • Depth micrometer (Mitutoyo, Starrett)
  • Dial and digital bore gage (Compac, Interapid, Mahr Federal, Standard, Mitutoyo)
  • Dial and digital calipers of any length (Mitutoyo, Etalon, Tesa, Brown & Sharpe, Mahr Federal, Starrett)Dial and digital depth gage (Mitutoyo, Starrett)
  • Dial and digital indicator (Compac, Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal,Starrett, Standard)
  • Dial thickness gage (Mitutoyo, Starrett)Profilometer (Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal)
  • Height gage (Mitutoyo, Etalon, Starrett, Mahr Federal)
  • ID and OD dial caliper gage (Intertest, Interapid)
  • Indicating (dial) micrometer (Etalon, Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal, Interapid)
  • Ingage and intrimik (Tesa, Etalon, Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, Starrett)
  • Micrometer (Starrett, Brown & Sharpe, Etalon, Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal)
  • Snap gage (Standard, Mitutoyo, Starrett)
  • Test indicator (Compac, Interapid, Tesatast, Bestest, Mitutoyo, Starrett Last Word, Tesa)

We repair all types of:

Micrometers, Calipers, Height Gauges, Bore Gauges, Profilometers, Test Indicators and more

  • Years of Experience in Fine Tool Repair
  • Over 4000 OEM Replacement Components in Stock
  • Only the Finest Watchmaker’s Lubricants
  • State of the Art Cleaning Systems